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FireGL 8650 has 2 GB of memory

by on06 August 2007


4 GB in Crossfire?

ATI has announced five FireGL cards and the most interesting cards are the one with R600PRO and the second beast with 2 GB of memory. ATI announced V8600 FireGL based on 700 MHz clocked R600XTX with 1 GB memory and V8650 with 2 GB of memory and 700 MHz clock.

Both V8650 and V8600 are using 512 bit memory and have astonishing 128 GB/s memory bandwidth.

They have dual link DVI’s and support for Stereo 3D output. If you put two of these cards you will end up with 4 GB of memory but currently there is no word that FireGL V7xxx and V8xxx series support Crossfire.

At the same time ATI launched V3600 based on RV630PRO and V5600 with its impressive 800 MHz clock and RV630XT GPU. Our friend known as the 3D professor has reviewed one of them here.

The whole cards and specs are here.

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