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BFG has four 8600 new cards

by on15 August 2007


ThermoIntelligence on 8600GT's 

BFG has announced four more cards that will have ThermoIntelligence cooling, a redesigned cooler that BFG introduced a while back. You can check out more about this cooler on our BFG 8600GTS OC2 review.

BFG decided to announce four more cards with that ThermoIntelligence cooling, this time on 8600GT GPU. According to the press release BFG claims up to 18°C lower temperature when compared to the reference cooler.

Actually there are two new cards announced, OC and OC2 versions, but when you consider that you can get them in 256MB and 512MB version, that adds up to total of four cards.

And now for the interesting stuff, the top one's, 8600GT OC2's core works at 620MHz, while the memory clock is 1600MHz for 256MB version and 1500MHz for the 512MB version. The Shader clock is at 1350MHz. The "slower" one, 8600GT OC works at 565MHz for the core, 1242MHz for Shaders, and 1400MHz for 256 or 512MB of memory.

Both cards have 32 Stream processors and comes with a GDDR3 memory on a 128 bit memory interface. Both support DirectX 10 and Shader Model 4.0.



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