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Top ATI PR spinner promoted to Wold wide AMD spinner

by on16 August 2007


Chris Hook-itis  

ATI's former head of EU PR Chris Hook, who got promoted to a head of AMD's PR, has got a new job. He will soon move from Munich Germany, where he lived and worked for more than two years, to North America as World Wide Head of PR for Athlon, Phenom, Radeon and Chipset Products.

By his side, he will have his old buddy Jon Carvill who will be responsible for Chipsets and Radeons and we also learned that Chris Evenden, the former head of ATI's World Wide PR, is gone for almost two months now.

This guy knows his job, even he didn’t really kill himself giving Fudzilla a helping hand, but, well, AMD doesn’t really like us these days because of the painful truth that we post. We hope that this will change in future.
Chris Hook-itis is a phenomenon that includes good PR in a sometimes very aggressive but efficient way.

Last modified on 17 August 2007
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