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Radeon HD 2x00 with broken UVD are real

by on17 August 2007


The first batch

It was
interesting to read the part here where our colleagues claim that Radeon HD 2x00 with broken UVD are simply a false alarm.

This is completely untrue as we knew about the cards with UVD and HD problem long before Computex. A few sources at Computex have confirmed that the early birds indeed got the cards with broken UVD but most of them went to Russian market to a few selected System integrators.

As far as we know none of these cards ended up in retail / etail market and possible even some OEM machines in eastern market have the Radeons HD with broken UVD.These guys knew what they are buying and they got the fair price and DAAMIT wanted to get rid of these chips anyway.

So you don’t have to worry if you bought
a retail card, it is very unlikely that your's is broken.

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