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Nvidia cheats in HD HQV test

by on31 August 2007


Pure Video can be poor, pixelized

We've had a chance to see and hear what might be the first the AMD's counter Nvidia presentation and DAAMIT guys have got some nice proof that Nvidia has been dishonest. A lot of people will simply call this FUD.

Nvidia tweaked its driver to meet the quality standards of the most famous HD HQV video quality benchmark and with the last 163.11 and 163.44 beta drivers it can score some nice numbers with this test. The catch is simple, HQV has a lot of static scenes and Nvidia can tweak the driver to look good on this non motion video.

But with Nvidia's noise reduction turned on in the driver, Nvidia still cannot get rid of the ghosting effect and AMD people pictured it. AMD user Power DVD Ultra 7.3 which is the latest version and all the pictures were taken with 10 Mpixel Canon camera without photoshopping. AMD used the same machine with Radeon HD 2600XT with Beta 8.41 driver that are now known as Catalyst 7.8 and compared it to Nvidia’s Geforce 8600 GT and 163.11 drivers and we were told that 163.44 suffer from a similar problem.

Nvidia can get away with static scenes but in action movies with a lot of changes you can see some heavily ghosting especially in Serenity the movie.  

On second and forth picture you can see the ghosting effect from the first and third picture and by clicking on them you can maximize the pictures.

Well enough said, look at the Nvidia versus AMD pictures.







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