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OCZ announces SPD-Z technology

by on09 August 2007
To improve compability and performance

OCZ has announced a new tool that should enhance and stabilize memory modules when switched to another motherboard. The new tool will proudly carry a name of SPD-Z technology.

According to the press release OCZ's SPD-Z technology is the world's first way of "reprograming" the memory's SPD. We will be able to thank the new tool for reconfiguring the SPD, so we could enjoy maximum stability, compatibility and performance. The new tool is completely independent of BIOS tweaks.

Dr. Michael Schuette, VP of Technology Development at OCZ Technology commented that “OCZ’s answer to the fragmentation of the market is the patent-pending SPD-Z technology that allows users to select custom SPDs from a library to optimize the interaction between the motherboard and memory firmware.” He also added that hardware and firmware tweaks has, in some cases led to compatibility issues, thus SPD-Z should be the new best thing out there.

The first public beta of the SPD-Z is available for download at OCZ's Support Forum.



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