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Vice President of GPU at AMD talks to Fudzilla

by on17 September 2007


Interview: Rick Bergman uncensored

had the chance to ask five question to the highest ranking ex ATI executive at AMD and we used the opportunity. Dave Orton and Rick Hedberg left AMD but Rick Bergman, Senior Vice President and General Manager for AMD’s Graphics Products Group, one of the key driving forces of ATI still sticked around with the company, being prepared for the next challenges. This is what came out of it.

Fudzilla: How does AMD's graphics division feel a year after acquisition?

Rick Bergman: We feel good about where we are in our discrete graphics business. We have a competitive portfolio of products with the Radeon HD 2000 series and have enjoyed strong success with our OEM and channel partners. Moving into 2008 we feel very confident about our strategy and product plans. We have a range of new desktop and mobile products in the pipeline over the next 6-9 months that will raise the bar on performance, power efficiency and overall visual computing innovation.

During 2007, we introduced major innovations such as UVD, native HDMI and tesselator. Of course, we are also the leader with the only 65nm GPUs for the best power and performance. It has been a busy year for us, but the best is still coming.

Fudzilla: Does ATI (AMD graphic) plans to return to a high end market and fight Nvidia?

Rick Bergman: AMD never left the market for high end graphics and we’ll continue to target the enthusiast segment with our next generation of products. Expect to see some very interesting products in the next few months.

Fudzilla: Can a IGP+ discrete graphic result with a significant performance and any plans for such a concept?

Rick Bergman: IGP-assisted rendering is certainly an interesting concept to deliver multi-GPU to a broader segment of the market. As multi-GPU moves more into the mainstream there are some interesting opportunities to expand the footprint of this technology.

With our Fusion products coming, there is certainly an opportunity to extend this capability even further. That being said, I’m not ready to comment on any future product plans.

Fudzilla: What does ATI plan to do about notebook market in 2008?

Rick Bergman: The notebook market continues to be an important one for AMD and was one of the key drivers for the acquisition. Historically, ATI had a strong leadership position in mobile discrete graphics and we plan to reaffirm this over the next 12 months.

Fudzilla: What is the future of ATI’s graphic chips?

Rick Bergman: AMD is committed to winning in the discrete graphics business. We continue to focus on delivering new generations of products that push the envelope on performance, power efficiency and high definition entertainment.

We have an incredibly dedicated team of engineers and marketing individuals that are committed to bring innovation and excitement to the graphics market for years to come.

That is all folks but in the future we'll bring you more.

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