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RV620 and R635 taped out

by on10 October 2007


In the driver

Latest ATI's beta driver has a few versions of RV635 and RV620, 55 nanometre chips listed and it looks like ATI is doing fine with its migration to a new marchitecture.

ATI played the dangerous game being a head of Nvidia in shrinking process but it might even win this time. ATI run into problems going to 65 nanometre and some sources close to company told Fudzilla that 65 nanometre is very hard.

Luckily for DAAMIT it is not that hard to go from 65 to 55 nanometre as this is an optical shrink. This will get the chip 17 to 20 percent smaller and obviously cooler. It looks that these 55 nanometre chips are taped out and that they will be in the stores just after Xmas.    

The 55 mainstream and entry level will miss the Xmas sales madness but there will be there there in time for Q1 OEM refresh cycle. 

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