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Ageia?s Warmonger game gets delayed

by on16 October 2007


Official word

Ageia let us know that its highly anticipated Warmonger game will be delayed. The game was supposed to be launched on the 16th, or should we say today. The official line is that the game will be delayed for a few weeks due to feedback that the company got from beta testers.

Ageia is finalizing the network play and it wants to polish it up before the game is released. The company claims that there will be a few functional adjustments and server infrastructure improvements, all based on the internal and external feedback from the beta testers.

The game looks and plays good, it is based on Unreal Engine 3, and we played it at the Games convention last August and really had fun destroying everything around us.

The game is still on the schedule for a holiday launch, at least that is the current plan.

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