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D8E-Enthusiast likely to use two G92s

by on17 October 2007


Still has not specified dual chip card

Nvidia is still not talking about the kind of chips it plans and wants to use in its upcoming D8E–Enthusiast dual chip card, but most of our sources suspect there will be two G92/D8Ps under the cooler.

ATI will also use two RV670 chips for its dual card, so we believe that Nvidia does not have a new secret chip, and that the dual card codenamed D8E will be made from two modestly clocked G92/D8Ps. This 65nm chip should be able to meet the power and heat envelopes and to provide decent performance.

This card should be ready in early 2008, possibly as early as January, but this definitely depends on what DAAMIT has up its sleeve.  We will keep our eyes open.

Last modified on 18 October 2007
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