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Nvidia knew ATI's moves in the past

by on22 October 2007


Spying just became harder 

Nvidia's CEO has built a company on the power to know what the competition is doing. Whatever ATI was doing, in 85 percent of the cases Nvidia managed to top it with a better product.

This is why ATI only managed to take Nvidia’s crown once with the R300 and only got close so many times. Nvidia always had its backup scenarios, as it knew what ATI was doing.

This changed with AMD and with personnel changes inside AMD's graphics division, as it looks like ATI’s primary goal is to confuse the press and its partners about its upcoming products. By doing this, Nvidia is in the dark, which is what ATI has to do in order to take its crown back.  

Just look at 2007. We dealt with R650, R670 and R680 codenames, different specifications for the R600 PRO, and so far Radeon HD 2950 and 3870 names for the RV670. No one really knows what is right and what is wrong anymore, including Nvidia.

It makes our lives harder, but at least it brings some fun into the guessing game in terms of finding out what is right and what is wrong.

Last modified on 22 October 2007
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