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Three 8800 GT cards listed in Europe

by on28 October 2007


Asus, Zotac and Sparkle, starting at €244

We're less than two days away from the official 8800 GT launch and the first cards are starting to appear on the European market. The 8800GT is set to launch on Monday, but we are guessing that some people would rather have a quiet weekend and make their offers online instead of signing NDAs and such.

The three cards in question come from Zotac, Asus and Sparkle and the retailers claim that the cards will be available within three to five days. All cards are reference clocked and pack 512MB of GDDR3 memory clocked at 900MHz. The GPU runs at 600MHz and the 112 unified shaders are clocked at 1500MHz.

The Zotac ZT-88TES2P-FSP is listed at €1,269. It looks like somebody was really in a rush to enjoy their weekend, since the real price is probably €269, and a 400 percent margin would be a bit too much; after all, they're selling graphics cards, not illegal drugs. Even then, at €269, this seems a bit steep when compared to the ASUS Extreme N8800GT/HTDP, priced at a rather modest €244, and Sparkle's SF-PX88GT512D3-HP, priced at €252.

For comparison, you can get the lowest priced 8800GTS with 320MB of memory for just under €240, there is no ATI HD2900XT that sells for under €300, and the least pricey HD2900PRO goes for €210.

Stay tuned and don't forget to drop by on Monday.

Oh, yes, we took the liberty of taking a few screenshots for your viewing.


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