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Gigabyte 8800 GT specs live

by on28 October 2007

It's already Monday in Taiwan

Gigabyte has jumped the gun, in a manner of speaking. Although it's already the early hours of Monday morning in Taiwan, the NDA for the 8800 GT hasn't quite expired yet, and still the company has released its 8800 GT live on its Webpage.

The model name of the card is GV-NX88T512H-B, which isn't an easy name to remember. The T is for GT, the 512 for 512MB of memory, H stands for HDMI and we've been told by Gigabyte that B stands for 3rd party PCB design, i.e. not designed and manufactuered by Gigabyte, hence a slightly higher cost.

You'd think with the wonders of the Web, the company could time things better. On the other hand, we don't really mind since it isn't our company; and it does gives you a chance to check out the official specifications ahead of time.

As we mentioned earlier, the card comes bundled with Neverwinter Nights 2, and it looks like Gigabyte has also thrown in a DVI to D-sub, as well as a small break-out box that gives you component, composite and S-Video outputs. It seems that the DVI to HDMI adapter is extra.

You can find the product page here

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