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In-house Geforce 8800GT 3Dmark 06

by on29 October 2007


Preview: Excellent scores

We're just hours away from the official 8800GT launch, we're putting the final touches on our first 8800GT review, but we already have some preliminary results we'd like to share with you. The 8800GT is a beast in synthetic tests, it easily outperforms the 8800GTS and it's just a bit slower than the 8800GTX. We're using 167.26 drivers.

The first 8800GT to enter our lab is the Gainward BLISS PCX 8800 GT 512-TV-DD. The card is equipped with 512MB of GDDR3 memory clocked at 900MHz. The core clock is 600MHz. It's a reference design and the only thing that distinguishes it from the other Geforce 8800GT cards is the Gainward logo and artwork.


You can see the Gainward mascot on the single slot cooler, which covers the entire PCB. Other than that, it's a reference design.

The driver is new, and it will be online on launch day.


The results are good. We tested the Gainward 8800GT with the new driver, while the other cards in the chart were tested using the 163.71 version. We will see whether the new driver will improve performance on GTS and GTX cards.

For now, enjoy the 3DMark06 scores, as the full review will be ready in a few hours.



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