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AMD DirectX 10.1 document leaked

by on29 October 2007


What HD3800/ DirectX 10.1 can do

Some nice chap at teamati forum has leaked a document which finally confirms our numerous stories that RV670 supports DirectX 10.1. The document also confirms the HD 3800 name.

AMD also confirms that DirectX 10.1 support will be coming to the Windows Vista operating system with the release of a Service Pack in early 2008.

The most important part of this document for the end users reveals support for Global illumination. This lightning technique will help developers create much better lightning on a scene. Global illumination is a rendering technique that combines the benefits of light/shadow mapping with indirect lighting and support for practically unlimited dynamic light sources, realistic reflections, and soft shadows.

It is still inferior to Ray Tracing but this technique is too “expensive” for today’s GPU hardware, and it tends to work better on a CPU than on a GPU.

The second key thing is a better Antialiasing and support for custom aliasing models. Full Scene Antialiasing and Multi sampling are only two of ten ways of doing the Antialiasing, and RV670 will now support the new ones.

ATI also talks about higher precision requirements and new texture format requirements, and if you are into graphics,you can find the forum thread here and the document itself here.

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