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Sparkle announces passive 8800GT

by on29 October 2007


65nm makes passive cooling possible

The GeForce 8800GT is starting to appear all over the place and most of them look all the same. Sparkle is taking an alternative approach.

Today, Sparkle announced its passively cooled version of the 8800GT. It has the same specs as any other reference 8800GT card, but all the cooling is done by a heatpipe cooler.

It runs at 600MHz for the core, 900MHz for the memory, and the shaders are clocked at 1500MHz; and, of course, we're talking about 512MB of GDDR3 memory.  Anyone who appreciates very quiet computers will now have a chance to build a real gaming machine without noisy components.

Here is a picture of the card:


(Click here for a bigger version of the picture)
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