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Dell pushes for Display Port

by on02 November 2007


In 2008

Dell really wants to see Display port as soon as possible. Nvidia and ATI have the cards ready but they don't want to make much noise yet, as the monitors are still not there. We expect to see the first commercial devices in 2008.

Dell wants to put DisplayPort in all of its next generation notebooks, as well as on its new LCD-based monitors.

As Dell is a big player in both markets, it will probably speed up the adoption of this marchitecture. RV670, as well as G92, have support for DisplayPort and we heard that even the older chips can support this interface.

Intel’s G45 will also be able to cope with DisplayPort, but we strongly suspect that even the current GMA architecture might have a chance with this new plug. One of the sweetest things for manufacturers is that DisplayPort is royalty free and you don’t have to pay any license fees. For HDMI, you must pay a licence fee per device and an annual subscription fee, and all this will be eliminated with DisplayPort.

This is certainly 2008 marchitecture, but it is closer than you think.

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