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Computer melt down shuts LA Airport

by on14 August 2007


Fears about security

A computer meltdown stranded more than 20,000 passengers in planes and hotels in and around Los Angeles International Airport yesterday.

Two computer glitches shutdown passenger screening systems and knocked out the airport’s database of passengers that require secondary screening.

Because the US was so frightened that the terrorists would leave or arrive in the country as a result of the glitch it was decided to lock up all 20,000 passengers for six hours until the system could be switched to a back-up.

After the computers went online the huge queues for customs and immigration, which are usually of nightmare proportions at LA airport anyway, took until 4am to clear.

It that was not bad enough, a second unrelated computer glitch happened at 11:50 PM Sunday and caused 29 workstations to lose connectivity at the Tom Bradley International Terminal. This time only 1700 passengers were delayed.

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