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XFX 8800GT 256MB review pops up

by on07 December 2007


Outperforms the HD3870 in certain tests

Firingsquad got their hands on an interesting piece of hardware, the XFX 8800GT XXX, with 256MB of GDDR3 memory. We wrote about XFX 256MB 8800GT cards here.

The 8800 GT on Firingsquad's menu was clocked at 650MHz for the core and 800MHz for the memory, with the stream processors happily ticked away at 1625MHz. As you can see, all clocks are well above the reference speeds.

It's a good performer, but the reviewer's conclusion was a mixed bag. It is the fastest card in the sub-$200 price range and easily outperforms the HD3850, and in some cases, even the HD3870. However, the reviewers found it a tad too expensive and priced too close to the thoroughbred 512MB version, which costs just $20 more, not to mention the affordable HD3800 series.

You can read the full review here.
Last modified on 10 December 2007
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