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Russian military upgrades C&C infrastructure

by on16 August 2007


And invests $374 million in Glonass GPS

Russia's deputy prime minister Sergei Ivanov said Wednesday that the country's armed forces will start using a next gen command and communications system by 2015.

The plans for the modernization were drafted back in 2002, but the country obviously lacked the cash needed for the upgrade. It's not clear how much this program will cost in the end, but it's obvious it won't come cheap.

Another interesting development is Russia's Glonass, a GPS like system designed for military and civilian use.

Last year the Russian Federation invested $181.4 million in this huge, complex and potentially lucrative system. This year the budget doubled to $379.7 million, a good sign that Russia's economic recovery is allowing it to invest heavily in both military and civilian infrastructure.

Glonass is supposed to go into service sometime next year. 

Last modified on 16 August 2007
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