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Biostar and Gigabyte first with 9600 GT

by on21 February 2008

Product pages, that is

Although VVIKOO jumped the gun with its press release yesterday, both Biostar and Gigabyte have their product pages online and they've been so for a while by the time you are reading this.

Biostar has a pure reference card with stock clock speeds. The GPU is clocked at 650MHz, the memory at 1,800MHz, but there's no mention of Shader clocks. The card has dual DVI and TV-out and comes with a DVI to D-sub adapter in the box. That's about it, and you can find the product page here.

Gigabyte has even less info about its card and there's no picture at the time of this writing. Judging by the model name and what we know about Gigabyte's naming conventions, this first card is also a reference design, so don't expect much. You can find the product page here and hopefully they'll update it with a picture soon.

We've checked some other manufacturers' Websites, as well, but if there's any mention of the GeForce 9 series, then there hasn't been any product information to be seen as yet. We'll keep you posted as the announcements turn up over the day from the various Nvidia partners.
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