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Today is 9600GT launch day

by on21 February 2008


After 15:00 Central European time

Nvidia will let its partners off the leash and they will be happy to announce and start selling the Geforce 9600GT cards. There will be many iterations, but we will give you some basics.

The card is based on the G94 chip, also called D9P, and this baby is basically a G92 cut in half. It has 64 Shader units, while the G92 GTS has 128, but both chips have a 256-Bit memory interface.

Most of the cards come with DDR3 memory and you will see 512MB and 1024MB versions. The reference card is clocked at 650MHz core, 1625MHz shaders and 1800MHz memory.

Some partners will overclock all the way to 740MHZ, but most of them will stick to 700MHz or close, while memory can go all the way to 2000MHz.

A reference card has two DVI's and an S-video, while some cards will have two DVI ports, HDMI, SPDIF and DisplayPort all on dual-slot PCB bracket. The card is generally up to 100 percent faster than the 8600GT, and if you have one you will want to upgrade. It is a bit faster than Radeon 3850, but it loses from 3870. It is significantly slower than Geforce 8800GT and price-wise it will be very close.

We will have some reviews for you, but after 15:00, as our friends are too scared of Nvidia and they don’t want to hurt the green giant's feelings; and we can respect that.

Last modified on 22 February 2008
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