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Geforce 8800GS is slower than 9600GT

by on21 February 2008


Starts its EOL

Geforce 9600GT launches today and at the same time, 8800GS is reaching its end of life cycle. Believe it or not, Geforce 9600GT ends up faster than the 8800GS card and makes it a more attractive buy.

Currently, the lowest priced 8800GS that we could find retails at around €128, while the 9600GT will end up some 30 to €40 more expensive and, at the same time, faster.

Nvidia launched 8800GS as a transition option, as it knew that it would have to bury this chip as soon as it launches G94 / D9P.

We can already say that 9600GT is the best speced mainstream card launched today, but at the same time it competes with the significantly better and just slightly more expensive 8800GT.

Last modified on 22 February 2008
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