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Zotac has a 1GB 9600GT

by on21 February 2008


For a pricey €210

As the first Geforce 9600GT cards are starting to appear on the Web, we're keeping our eyes open for interesting non-reference cards.

So far, Zotac is the first to offer a 9600GT with 1GB of GDDR3 memory. The card is reference clocked and priced at an uncomfortable €210. The 512MB version is about €15-20 less, depending on the retailer. Still, €210 sounds like way too much for a 9600GT.

Apart from Zotac's 1GB card, the only non-reference design listed so far is Gainward's Golden Sample Overclocked Edition, priced at €176.

Check out the listing here.
Last modified on 22 February 2008
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