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More info on the 9800GTX

by on26 February 2008


The cooler, GPU-Z and 3DMark06


Our colleagues from have posted some new information about Nvidia's upcoming 9800GTX. This new info includes a GPU-Z screenshot, cooler design rumors and the 3DMark06 score.

The first bit that was shown on this Website is the GPU-Z screenshot. The 0.1.7 version of the GPU-Z didn't like the 9800GTX so after W11zard from TechPowerUP did some modification to it, published the first screenshot with full info on this card. The card's core clock is standing at 675MHz which is only 25MHz higher than G92 8800GTS 512MB.

The 9800GTX's memory is a different story, since it goes all the way up to 1100MHz. According to that same screenshot the card has 16 ROPs, 128 unified Shaders working at 1688MHz, 512MB of GDDR3 memory with a 256-bit memory bus and 70.4 GB/s of bandwidth.

As for the cooler design, has posted a story that the cooler is actually the same one that can be found on the 8800GTS 512MB. It uses the same heatsink, same heatpipe placing and same fan, all made by CoolerMaster. The only difference is the shell, or the cover of the cooler which is redesigned to fit the new length of the 9800GTX. Of course, none of the Nvidia people will even bother to deny or confirm these rumors, so we will have to wait and see.

The Futuremark 3DMark06 result has also been posted by the same site, showing a score of 14014 marks. Nothing special, really, but if those SLI scaling scores of the 9600GT are true, 9800GTX will be a killer when placed in an SLI or 3-SLI scenario.

You can find the GPU-Z screenshot here, 3DMark06 score is here and the cooler design story is here.

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