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What happened to the announced EA games for Mac?

by on20 August 2007

Summer is almost over and we still can’t find them

It seems that one of the nagging mysteries journalists are trying to solve is what happened to those Mac versions of the games that EA announced would ship before the end of summer. Depending on what you read and who you believe it appears that the games are, in fact, delayed and have not yet shipped.

Some sources indicate that the titles are delayed due to issues with the Transgaming wrapper provided by Cider that allows developers to take their X86 Windows code and run it using the Transgaming wrapper on the Intel-based Mac OS X platform.

From what we read we can’t tell If EA knows whether the products exist or are shipping; but the Apple Web site does list the games as available in their online store within 7 to 10 days. The only problem is we can’t find the games anyplace else, and as far as we understand the Apple online store is not the exclusive retailer for EA Mac titles. Questions to EA about where the games are or when they will be released seem to go unanswered or are answered with vague replies about a possible unknown delay.

All righty then, here is a lesson in marketing 101, directly from your friends at Fudzilla: if you don’t know whether a game has been released, don’t guess and don’t promise. Find out what the situation is before you make a statement as to a potential release date. Apple users are known for being loyal, but if the problems lie with the Transgaming wrapper and that is the issue, passing the buck to a company that no one ever heard of is not a good idea unless you can make the blame stick.

We suggest that “the truth shall set you free,” and that if you can’t ship the titles in the time frame that was promised, then the “it will ship when it is done” approach is recommended to prevent curious journalists from asking too many questions.

In the meantime, we will let you know when we unravel this entire mess and figure out just when and/or if these gaming titles from EA for Mac will ever ship.

Last modified on 20 August 2007
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