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9800 GTS pictured, clock speeds revealed

by on05 March 2008

Doesn't do 3-Way SLI

Two new Nvidia cards stripped in a day, can it get better? Well, it seems like the clock speeds of the 9800 GTS are out as well, as this puppy will be clocked at 600MHz for the core with its Shaders at 1,500MHz and the memory at 900MHz (1,800MHz effectively).

The card in question appears to be an Asus card with 512MB of GDDR3 memory. Oddly enough, it seems to lack a TV-out connector, but this might just be an early pre-production sample. This is very much a partner made board and you can tell it's got the dual color DVI ports used by a fair few partners these days to distinguish between the HDMI and non-HDMI enabled DVI port.

The 9800 GTS doesn't support 3-Way SLI, due to the single SLI connector, and it looks like a clear message from Nvidia: 3-Way SLI is only for the top of the range products and if you can't afford them, then you don't deserve to run 3-Way SLI. So much for caring about what its customers want.

There are some benchmark numbers at the original source for this picture, but we decided not to post them due to the peculiar test system used and this being very early hardware; but if you want to take a look at them, you can register in the forum to see all the screen shots.

More here (you need to register to see the pictures)

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