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Microsoft slashes XboX 360 prices

by on20 August 2007


Only in Europe


It seems that Microsoft is following its price-slashing trends in other parts of the world here in Europe as well. The price cuts will coincide with the European launch of the XboX 360 Elite, and it is scheduled for August 24th.

This might boost sales, but we expect the real boost when the long-awaited game lineup finally arrives. The game-list features Halo 3 which has got over 1 million preorders, Mass Effect, Project Gotham Racing 4, Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation, etc.

The three versions of the XboX360  that will be available in Europe this Friday will be priced accordingly:

- the Core Pack, with no hard drive, will cost €279.99/£179.99 (a €20/£20 reduction)
- the Premium Xbox 360, with a 20GB HDD and a wireless controller, will cost €349.99/£249.99 (a €50/£30 price cut)
- the Elite version, with its stylish contours and black cover, will cost €449.99/£299.99

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Last modified on 21 August 2007
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