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SSD drives are up to 9 times more expensive

by on21 August 2007


Than the standard HDD of the same capacity


A lot of colegues are talking about flash drives as this is the next big thing that will completely replace the standard hard drives but the truth is that Solid State Drives based on flash memory are extremely expensive compared to a normal hard drives.


SSD drives can be up to nine times more expensive than the same drive with standard technology powered with plates and heads inside and this price overhead is simply redicilous. To make the situation even worst, the Solid State Drives are not going to resut with any significant performance increase and the battery life wont increase when you use them in notebooks.


The point is that you are paying for about nine times more for something it will work the same task and we can not remember any other word to describe this situatoin than the good old ripp of.


The choice is always yours.


Last modified on 21 August 2007
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