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Aaeon releases AMD Geode based card

by on23 March 2007
Mould breaking

Aaeon has
released an AMD LX level compact board called the PCM-5895 which it claims can break some of the limitations that from which small size products using the LX processor suffer.

According to a company press release, Aaeon's PCM-5895 uses a Geode LX 800 processor allows more possibilities for expansion. It also supports Mini PCI, PCI and PC/104 and enables CRT/LCD, CRT/TV and LCD/TV simultaneous display.

The LVDS/TTL TFT LCD is up to 24bit and the rich audio I/O interface that PCM-5895 possesses supports MIC-in, line-in, line-out and CD-in. The chip supports four COM ports, four USB 2.0, eight bit Digital I/O and IrDA ports.

Aaeon says that the PCM-5895 is a suitable for automation, ticketing machine, transportation, gaming and Kiosk/POS applications.








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