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HD 4870 available in German e-tail

by on26 June 2008


But pricey

Several German
retailers have the new HD 4870 in stock, but unfortunately, you can forget about the MSRP.

They're selling Sapphire and PowerColor cards for €265 and €279 respectively, but at least they've got them. Having said that, it doesn't seem they've got many of them, as claims to have just 5, hence the high prices.

If you're really eager to get one, you can check out the listings here and here. The German retailers are probably hung over from celebrating Germany's 3:2 win against Turkey in the Euro '08 semifinal, so speak louder if you choose to call them.

In any case, we suggest you wait and save yourself €50, as these babies should retail around €220 with volume availability, and probably even lower in the next few weeks.
Last modified on 26 June 2008
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