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MSI's OCed 4870 available

by on07 July 2008


780/1000MHz for €212.42

MSI is
one of the first AIBs to offer an overclocked HD 4870 to FPS hungry consumers.

The card, branded MSI Radeon R4870-T2D512-OC 512 MB, is clocked at 780MHz/1000MHz for the core and memory. So, the GPU ended up 30MHz faster than reference, while the GDDR5 memory got a more serious boost, 100MHz over the reference 900MHz clock.

The GPU overclock isn't spectacular, but then again the card is well priced and even ends up cheaper than some reference clocked cards, so this sounds like a good deal.

MSI's OCed HD 4870 is currently available in the EU for €212,42. See for yourself, here.
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