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Are new iPods coming September 5th?

by on27 August 2007



Just in time to make your old iPod obsolete

You have to
have great admiration for Apple’s ability to leak just enough about the possibility of a new product launch to drive Apple fans crazy. PC marketers could learn a thing or two from this.

At any rate, September 5t is the date of an Apple “Special Event” where it is said that new versions of the iPod will be launched. Two years in a row Apple has held launch events for the iPod in September, so it only stands to reason that this will be a launch for the new iPod.

As for what exactly Apple has in store for the new iPod units, no one really knows. It seems that speculation does center on the possible introduction of a new high end iPod unit that is widescreen and looks more like the Apple iPhone. This would stand to reason because it would help Apple to possibly do some cost sharing if both units had some common parts. A safe bet would be that at least one of the new iPods will be running the Mac OS X mobile version just as the iPhone does.

In addition, rumors speculate that we will see new revised versions of the Nano with a bit larger screen in some new colors. Possible revisions could also be on tap for the iPod Shuffle, as this is the iPod that has changed the least since its introduction.

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