Former Intel woman guns for Chipzilla with ARM chips
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James targets Intel's data centre market

Intel has been doing well thanks to its datacentre market, but that could vanish if the company's former president has anything to do with it.

Intel makes sensible AR glasses
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They just laser your eyeballs

Chipzilla has created a pair of experimental smartglasses which are sensible.

Chipzilla and MediaTek should have a good year
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Thanks to improved margins

The goodly souls at Digitimes have been interviewing their typewriters and industry sources and discovered that Intel and MediaTek should have much better results in 2018.

Intel upgrades NUCs
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01 February 2018

Intel upgrades NUCs

Lower power powered

Chipzilla is updating its NUCs with new models including the “Hades Canyon” gaming model (with AMD graphics), a “Bean Canyon” model sporting 8th-Gen Intel Coffee Lake chips, and a new entry-level set of “June Canyon” computers with low-power Celeron and Pentium chips based on the new Gemini Lake architecture.

Intel does the Harlem PR Shuffle
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HR is the name of the game

A missive from the number two semiconductor company in the world has demonstrated how Intel (INTC) can shuffle the PR decks, a bit like an artificial croupier in the capital of the world, Las Vegas.

AMD revenues grow by a third
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Let's hope the underdog doesn't become an overdog

Long-standing Intel competitor, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), appears from its first quarter results to be gnawing at Chipzilla's ankles.

Apple planning to move to ARM for Macs
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Tame Apple Press demands AMD and Intel should surrender immediately

It is all over for Intel and AMD chip market according to the Tame Press because the fruity cargo cult is going to build its own chips.

Microsoft kills off Spectre patch
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Your computer is safe from the Intel patch, it is just insecure again

Microsoft has released an emergency Windows update to disable Intel's troublesome microcode fix for the Spectre Variant 2 attack.

Intel warned Chinese about Spectre and Meltdown before the Americans
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US spooks read about it in the tech press

Chipzilla warned specific customers, including Chinese tech firms, of the Spectre and Meltdown security flaws before notifying the US government.

DT, Intel and Huawei have tested 5G using 3GPP R15
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On target for 2019 5G adoption

Deutsche Telekom (DT), Intel and Huawei have been working on what they have been calling the world's first 5G interoperability and development testing (IODT) based on the 3GPP R15 Standard with a commercial base station.