Apple kills iPhone 8 functions after servicing
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Punishing users who dared not to use its servicing team

The outfit which claims it cares for its users more than Facebook, Apple, has been killing off touch functionality in iPhone 8s for those who dared to use an outside person to fix their broken screens.

Apple seeks cheaper components for 'cheaper' iPhone
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You are not going to get what you pay for

Apple is seeking to push up the margins for its iPhone by getting cheaper components, according to Digitimes Research.

Apple's iPhone X battery is borked
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No, you don't get what you pay for

Fruity cargo cult Apple is facing a major problem with the batteries of its over-priced iPhone X, putting another nail in the coffin of the gadget which was supposed to turn around Apple's slumping iPhone sales.

Toddler hacks mum's iPhone and locks her out for 48 years
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So much for security

A two year old has managed to lock his mum out of her iPhone for 48 years thanks to Apple's super secure worth every penny form of security.

Apple iPhones keep calling the emergency services
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Help my owner is an idiot

The programming geniuses at Apple have installed another feature in iPhones which means that they randomly call the emergency services when they are being serviced.

Apple purges Christian holiday from iPhone
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Thou shalt not have any gods before Steve Jobs

The fruity cargo cult Apple has taken its first stand against rival religions by banning fanboys from celebrating the most significant holiday on the Christian calendar.

iPhone battery biting is apparently a thing
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More proof that Apple fanboys are removing themselves from the gene pool

Just because Apple charges you more than an iPhone’s weight in gold does not mean you should bite it to prove it is valuable.

Chinese demand an investigation into iPhone throttling
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This is getting worse

Apple’s worse nightmare is that the Chinese government might take steps to interfere with its flagging sales behind the bamboo curtain, but it is starting to look like its phone throttling antics might create a perfect storm.

People prefer buying cryptocurrency over an iPhone
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Proving that people will always invest in something expensive, ephemeral  and stupid

Pundi X, Foundation and, have released a State of Cryptocurrency report, which claims that people would rather waste their cash on cryptocurrency than an iPhone X.

Apple sued for throttling battery use
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But, but, it is a feature

Apple is facing two class-action lawsuits, filed by furious customers just days after the firm admitted to intentionally slowing down older iPhones.