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16 June 2016


$3.1 billion deal is shake up of the chipmaking gear makers

Chipmaking equipment firm ASML has bought the chip screening company Hermes Microvision (HMI) for $3.1 billion.

ASML starts shipping EUV test machines
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Could be used by 2018

Extreme-ultraviolet (EUV) lithography is working and could be used in Moore Law saving high-volume chip manufacturing as early as 2018.

ASML profits bode well for chip  industry
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$6.44 billion in sales

Dutch outfit ASML Holding, the world's second largest maker of semiconductor production equipment has managed to flog more than $6.44 billion worth of gear.

ASML will flog 15 EUV machines to mysterious "US customer"
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Yeah it is probably Intel

ASML, Europe's largest supplier to computer chip makers, will sell 15 of its extreme ultraviolet (EUV) chip etching systems to a "single U.S. customer" who is probably Intel.

TSMC pulls off EUV on 1000 wafers
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Exposes itself

Chipmaking gear maker ASML has told the world that that its customer TSMC has exposed more than 1000 wafers on an NXE:3300B EUV system in a single day. 

Still on track

tsmc logo

Lithography systems maker to advance chip making by two years

Key production gear delayed