Apple wants the police to protect it from the French
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Arrest those who insist we pay tax

Apple has asked the French courts to protect it from those who insist that the company pay its tax bill.

Apple shocks fans with HomeHub's gouging
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Repair bill not cool for cats

Apple fanboys who think it is essential to buy its HomeHub not-so-smart speaker for three times the cost of more intelligent models from its rivals are being shocked to discover that Jobs’ Mob is gouging them for more cash to cover "repairs".

iPhone X can’t make more than 15 phone calls
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You get what you pay for

If you paid out more than a $1,200 for an iPhone which similar features to one half the price you would expect it to make phone calls without borking? Apparently not.

Apple HomePod pre-orders sell out
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There is one born every minute

Apple fanboys have managed to make the sale of the HomePod a success according to the Apple fanzine the Inquirer.

Tablet sales reach a new low
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So much for game changers

The market for game-changing, super cool keyboardless netbooks is slumping lower than Donald Trump’s approval rating amongst educated black women.

Samsung extends cross license with Qualcomm
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Enemy of my enemy

Samsung is about to launch the Galaxy S9 and the US and Chinese version will use the Snapdragon 845. Samsung has been fighting Qualcomm with its own Exynos but the global patent cross-license agreement as well as a multi-year strategic relationship agreement sends a strong no-buy message to Broadcom.

Apple will delay iOS release
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Wants to tackle quality and security issues

Fruity cargo cult Apple will delay the release of its iOS software this year in a bid to sort some of its comedy programming issues.

Apple under criminal investigation for throttling
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DoJ and Securities and Exchange Commission want an explanation

It seems that Apple’s battery throttling antics have sparked a criminal investigation.

Apple planning to move to ARM for Macs
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Tame Apple Press demands AMD and Intel should surrender immediately

It is all over for Intel and AMD chip market according to the Tame Press because the fruity cargo cult is going to build its own chips.

Apple might not make another iPhone SE
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If one arrives, it will be the same as the old one

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo issued a research note today that casts doubt on rumours about a second-generation iPhone SE launching in the second quarter of 2018.