Apple under criminal investigation for throttling
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DoJ and Securities and Exchange Commission want an explanation

It seems that Apple’s battery throttling antics have sparked a criminal investigation.

Apple planning to move to ARM for Macs
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Tame Apple Press demands AMD and Intel should surrender immediately

It is all over for Intel and AMD chip market according to the Tame Press because the fruity cargo cult is going to build its own chips.

Apple might not make another iPhone SE
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If one arrives, it will be the same as the old one

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo issued a research note today that casts doubt on rumours about a second-generation iPhone SE launching in the second quarter of 2018.

Apple starts to kill off its server functionality
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In other news, iOS still had a server functionality

The Fruity Cargo cult Apple is finally giving up on its server based flavours of OS X.

Apple's new iPad advert is annoying
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Anger on the web

Apple's advert for the multi-tasking capability of the iPad Pro and iOS 11 is managing to get people really cross.

Apple’s crisis has revealed more user assault and battery
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One of the reasons why Apple is a closed company

Apple’s decision to allow an app to show battery life on its iPhones might stave off class suits but has revealed another reason for the company’s secret nature.

Qualcomm  to appeal $1.23 billion fine
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The European Commission announced that it would be fining Qualcomm $1.23 billion, for abusing its market position between 2011 and 2016, related to its relationship with Apple.

iPhone battery biting is apparently a thing
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More proof that Apple fanboys are removing themselves from the gene pool

Just because Apple charges you more than an iPhone’s weight in gold does not mean you should bite it to prove it is valuable.

Apple claims “everyone can code”
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Well other than the guy who does our clock software

The Fruity Cargo Cult Apple, which appears to have forgotten its irony pills, is launching an initiative for kids called “everyone can code”.

Apple set to abandon iPhone X
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Will be quietly offed in Summer

It appears that Apple is starting to doubt that its policy of charging its users double for a product which was pretty much the same as an earlier model has proved to be a disaster and it is set to walk away from the iPhone X.