Amazon purges itself of Apple
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Will not sell competing devices

Amazon has finally had a enough of Apple and is pulling its products from its store.

Chromecast Audio launched for $35
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Google aims for connected speaker market

Chromecast 2.0 will be the rounded leader of the Google's streaming and casting strategy but the search engine also announced something called Chromecast audio.

Chromecast 2.0 is round and $35 / €39
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Available today in 17 countries

Chromecast has an updated version, changed its shape, learned 802.11ac Wi-Fi and hopefully it is doing a better job than its predecessor.

Google sends out invites for September 29 event
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Nexus smartphones inbound

Google has finally sent out invites for its even that will be held in San Francisco on September 29th, confirming ealier rumors.

Google Chromecast gets Ethernet adapter
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Provides power as well

Google's Chromecast HDMI streaming dongle is quite a popular little gadget and while it already had an integrated WiFi, it now got an optional Ethernet adapter as well.

Qualcomm show off Chromecast 4K-capable rival
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Snapdragon 800 inside

Qualcomm was always a very innovative company, but it needed a lot of time to master and conquer new markets.

$19 for prime users $39 for rest

Let you share your device screen to TV

F7D7501 is what Chromecast failed to be

Google Play Store deal