Fossil Group flogs smartwatch tech to Google
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Banks $40 million

Fossil Group is flogging its intellectual property related to a smartwatch technology currently under development to Google for $40 million.

Google can limit Europe's right to be forgotten law
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Top EU court advisor says

US Google has had a stroke of luck over its moves to limit Europe's right to be forgotten law.

Google bows to Turkish pressure
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Why did Greater Kurdistan map get the works?

Google has removed a map outlining the geographical extent of the Greater Kurdistan at the Turkish state’s insistence.

Chrome UI is a colossal miss
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Users fume

Google's new Chrome UI appears to be a colossal miss and users are fuming.

Google says ciao to Allo
Published in Mobiles

Dead as a dodo by next year.

Google is going to kill off its chat app Allo by the middle of next year.

Amazon might spin off its cloud services
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Top Augur sees it in the entrails

A top divination expert who has a string of viable predictions under his belt, thinks that Amazon will spin off its cloud business in the near future.

Google ignoring European search demands
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Rivals complain.

Google is not following European demands that it must make the search for products fairer according to its rivals.

Windows on ARM might end up on Chrome
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Microsoft teams up with Google

Microsoft and Google engineers appear to be collaborating to support a version of Chrome running on Windows on ARM.

Google goes green over Danish data centre
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Green Vikings are the new black

Google will invest almost $700 million in a Danish data centre powered by  green energy.

Google patents VR trainers
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You can move in any direction without going outside

Search engine outfit Google has patented a pair of trainers which allow you to walk in VR. This means that IT nerds will never have to go “outside” again, with all the attendant dangers that brings.