Google abandons Pixel C
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29 December 2017

Google abandons Pixel C

Tame Apple Press celebrates

Google has finally given up on its Pixel C flagship tablet.

Apple loses top chipman
Published in Mobiles
22 December 2017

Apple loses top chipman

John Bruno moves to Google

ATI and later AMD started the great trend of letting journalists talk to actual engineers. Nvidia followed, and soon I had the chance to meet John Bruno, who this week is leaving Apple to shift to Google.

Schmidt demotes himself to technical advisor
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Wants to spend more time with science and tech issues

The executive chairman of Alphabet's board of directors, Eric Schmidt, has demoted himself from executive chairman of Alphabet's board of directors and become a technical adviser.

EU 2.4 billion euro fine was designed to surprise Google
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Watchdog wanted a deterrent effect

The European Union aimed for a “deterrent effect” on Google and other technology giants when it ordered the internet search outfit to pay 2.4 billion euro ($2.8 billion) for breaching antitrust law over how it displays shopping ads.

Google freezes Project Tango development
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Can't bear augmented reality hardware any more

Search engine outfit Google has dealt a blow to those who want to see AR everywhere by pulling the plug on its Project Tango.

Amazon buries the hatchet with Google and Apple
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It is still money

Amazon confirmed Thursday that it will again sell the Apple TV set-top box and Google Chromecast dongle. The company had stopped selling the devices after disputes with the pair.

Google provides details of TPU2
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Sexed up AI chip

Google has come up with a few more details of its second-generation Tensor Processing Unit, or TPU2.

Google helps hack the iPhone
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Tame Apple Press furious

The Tame Apple Press is spitting bile that the search engine outfit Google has released information which will help people hack the iPhone.

Father of Android on leave after “inappropriate relationship”
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Rubi's Google exit was under a cloud

Essential founder and CEO Andy Rubin is on leave from his new company for “personal reasons” after a news story revealed that his 2014 exit from Google was a little murky.

Android phones track your every move
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Big Bother is watching you

A report said that even if you turn off location services on an Android phone and even if you haven't a SIM card, Google has been sending your data back to Big Bother central.