World is running out of computer power
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Microsoft man's bizarre claim

Software King of the world and Microsoft's supreme Dalek Satya Nadella is losing sleep about the world running out of computer power.

US sanctions causing Microsoft problems in Russia
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Two of Microsoft’s official Russian distributors have imposed restrictions on sales of Microsoft software to more than 200 Russian companies following new US sanctions.

Minecraft boss takes over Microsoft Studios
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Matt Booty looks to improve Volish outlook

Microsoft has promoted the brains behind Minecraft's success to be the head of the company’s games studios.

Microsoft says pre Skylake chips will suffer badly from security patch
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At odds with Intel statements

Microsoft and Intel seem to be at odds over whether the Spectre and Meltdown patches slow down machines significantly.

Microsoft might start demanding your phone number
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Always asking for a little more personal information

Software giant Microsoft is getting a little stalkerish and is getting more persistent about asking for your phone number.

Windows 7 still beating Windows 10
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You can’t keep a good OS down

Windows 10 use was expected to overtake Windows 7 by the end of 2017, but according to the latest figures it did not happen.

Geeks hiring hookers from work
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Seattle brothels going bonkers for Microsoft and Amazon employees

A scandal has erupted in Seattle after it was discovered that the region's top geeks were booking hookers while at work.

Dear Apple, the Mac I bought from your genius store is on the friz again and I am unable to defeat even Microsoft in my cladestine hacking war against the US. You told me that Apple was superior!  Love and Kisses Kim
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Hackers met their match

Facebook and Microsoft took on and defeated several North Korean cyber threats last week, a White House official said.

Snapdragon 845 arriving for Windows later in 2018
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As confirmed by Cristiano

A few less experienced journalists asked why Qualcomm decided to launch its first Windows 10 on Snapdragon 835  as the new, faster Snapdragon 845 dawns.

British spooks find hole in Microsoft Defender and Security Essentials
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Vole rushes to patch

Microsoft has posted an out-of-band security update to fix a remote code execution flaw in its Malware Protection Engine.