New Switch on for next year
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Nintendo wants a new version out

Nintendo is planning to release a new version of its Switch gaming console next year "to maintain the sales momentum of the device".

Nintendo drops the legal hammer down on ROM releases
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Never mind a warning letter we are suing

Nintendo is getting nasty with those who want to make ROM releases.

Mario Kart arriving on mobiles real soon now
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Mario is driving onto your mobile drivers

Now that Nintendo has already released hits such as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Super Mario Run on both iOS and Android, it's choosen to bring its signature death race to the market. Nintendo haa teased the next instalment of its mobile market takeover: Mario Kart Tour.

Switch sales helped Nintendo's bottom line
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Best profit in eight years

The former maker of playing cards Nintendo reported its biggest third quarter operating profit in eight years, driven by smashing demand for its new Switch games console.

Hackers close to unlocking the Switch
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Thanks to an Nvidia backdoor

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn claiming that hackers are on the verge of opening the Nintendo Switch, thanks to Nvidia being rather too forthcoming about the GPU.

Nintendo's Switch may be better than a Wii
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Slashing the Wii's records

Nintendo of America's President,  Reggie Fils-Aime told Variety that its Switch gizmo could even top first year sales of the Wii – the company’s best selling console yet–if momentum holds up through the holidays.

Nintendo aims high after abandoning Wii
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Switch proves to be viable

Former maker of playing cards, Nintendo almost doubled its full year operating profit forecast as supply shortages for its new Switch games console began to ease.

Nintendo ramps up switch supply
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Surprise success

It appears that Nintendo's Switch might be taking off after all and the former maker of playing cards and urine themed consoles has ramped up  orders for the Nintendo Switch to two million units a month.

Nintendo bitten by something which is not a Texas patent troll
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Has to pay $10.1 million because Wii players fall over a lot

The former maker of playing cards, Nintendo, has been told that it has to pay $10 billion to a Dallas medical motion-detection company which claims to have invented motion sensors to detect when old people fall over. 

Nintendo's Switch in short supply
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Nintendo can't make enough of them

The former maker of playing cards is having difficulty keeping up with demand for its Nintendo Switch console but it seems that this is turning a supply cock-up into a money spinner with people actually thinking that the Switch is desirable.