Broadcom's Qualcomm bid gets a kick in the groin from the US government
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Orders delay to shareholders' meeting on security grounds

There are signs that the writing might be on the wall for Broadcom's bid to take over Qualcomm, as the US government has now intervened to delay the take-over.

Qualcomm shareholder meeting pushed forward by a month
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Government (CFIUS) stepped in

Broadcom and Qualcomm are fighting for positions on the board as this is currently Broadcom’s only chance to win its hostile takeover of Qualcomm. Qualcomm is very clear that it doesn’t like the $79 offer that it thinks undervalues the company and has rather justified regulatory agency concerns. Now the US government Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) has got involved and ordered Qualcomm to postpone the shareholder meeting for a month.

Qualcomm demos 5G VR edge computing
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Wireless VR from PC to HMD Snapdragon 835

By the summer of 2017, I started hearing the term edge computing from a lot of C level meetings I had in the computing industry and it became very clear that this is the next big thing. At MWC 2018, Qualcomm demonstrated edge computing 5G mm Wave powered VR, which is likely to become the future of VR.

Sony demonstrates 1.2Gbps Snapdragon X20
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4x4 and the power of the modem

Sony made a splashy announcement of the Xperia XZ2 phone powered by the Snapdragon 845. It decided to focus on the power of its download communication demo and showed that within two years, the maximum download speed  rose from 600 Mbps to 1.2 Gbps.

Qualcomm tells Broadcom to stop telling shareholders rubbish
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While US security panel issues warning to Broadcom

Qualcomm accused Broadcom of attempting to mislead shareholders with disingenuous comments about its willingness to participate in the buyout.

Qualcomm scores 18 operators for 5G NR in 2019
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20 OEM designs on X50

Qualcomm just announced the number of OEMs making X50 based phones at a Mobile World Congress 2018 press conference.

Snapdragon 700 is what people called 670
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Just announced

Cristiano Amon just announced a brand new, Snapdragon 700 series that, as the name suggests, sits above the 600 series but below 800 series.

Qualcomm talks about Snapdragon 845 SoC on Galaxy S9/S9+
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Powering eXtended reality (XR), artificial intelligence (AI) and more

After the official announcement of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+, Qualcomm was quite keen to note that its Snapdragon 845 SoC will be the one that will power all those new features in some regions.

Qualcomm signs up Amazon and to Windows 10 on Snapdragon
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Ten new carriers signed too

Qualcomm has managed to get industry heavyweights Amazon and to start selling its Windows 10 on Snapdragon 835 devices. Microsoft will carry the devices in its retail stores too. At the same time, it locked down 10 world carriers to announce the data plans for such devices.

Qualcomm grabs almost all SON mesh router market
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Self Organzing Network concept works

A few weeks back, Qualcomm’s SVP & general manager of connectivity Rahul Patel said at an analyst briefing that the company has 99 percent of the market share of mesh – that is to say Self Organized Network (SON) routers.