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IC Foundries focusing on 10nm
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Half of R&D spent on new processing

More than half of the IC foundries combined R&D budgets are being spent researching 10nm, according to Applied Materials Taiwan president Erix Yu.

Qualcomm will not break up
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Does not want to be a patent troll when it grows up

Qualcomm has decided that it is not in its best interested to flog off its chipmaking business and stick to becoming a patent troll.

Samsung guts R&D staff
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23 November 2015

Samsung guts R&D staff

Two thirds to go

Samsung Electronics is about to decrease personnel at its Samsung Seoul R&D Campus by as many as two-thirds in order to restructure its business model and operations

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Lithography systems maker to advance chip making by two years


Looking for things to come

Cutting back too much on research