Intel wants to improve fitness data
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New partnership with Exos

Chipzilla has announced a partnership with performance data company Exos, hoping to make the data collected from fitness wearables more personal and useful.

Intel buys Israeli sports imaging startup
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Plunging deeper into VR

Intel has written a $175 million cheque to buy the sraeli sports imaging startup Replay Technologies.

Apple about to steal GoPro’s idea
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Shareholders flee

It seems that Apple is about to steal GoPro’s idea for mountable cameras as part of sporting equipment.

Microsoft KinectLogo

Over six million copies sold of the two seasons

microsoft logonew

September release planned


Terms to be difficult for EA


Own maps, Siri sports, more FB

Microsoft KinectLogo

Seasons 1 & 2 in a single package

13 September 2011

NCAA 12 broken by patch?


That is apparently the case

Not essential to game play