Grand theft auto maker makes a killing
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Take-Two Interactive strikes success

Grand theft auto maker Take-Two Interactive is reporting quarterly profit handily beat up the cocaine nose job of Wall Street estimates.

No Xbox 360/PS3 for next Borderlands
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Will be targeted directly at Xbox One/PS4

As the install base of the next generation console continues to grow, it is only reasonable that developers start re-writing and targeting their code for the next generation consoles.

45+ million sold for GTA 5
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Only 10 million of those on Xbox One & PS4 consoles

When we talk about impressive sales numbers they are in the millions. When we talk about the sales of the big titles it in the tens of millions.

Take-Two has already announced many of them

Take-Two says they have nothing to say

Makes a killing on Grand Theft Auto

Lawyers claim it will save THQ millions


Over 3 million copies shipped for consoles


Might actually not arrive till 2013


Will not arrive in Q1 2012 as thought