BMW screws up on software front
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It's easily done

German car giant BMW admitted today that it is going to have to recall 18,000 cars because of a software SNAFU.

Godot 3.0 Released
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14 February 2018

Godot 3.0 Released

No more Waiting for Godot

Unity and Unreal have a new contender to deal with and its name is Godot. After over 18 months of development the Godot team released Godot 3.0, reworking the core almost in its entirety. Juan Linietsky, Godot's founder and lead developer, isn't being shy about the projected sucess of Godot either, claiming it is "ready for the big leagues" and that it is "in the same league as the current big, commercial [game engines]".

Apple has another security issue
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Text bomb, text bomb, you’re a text bomb

The brilliant programmers at Apple who have all sorts of problems getting a clock to tell the time have delivered an operating system which can be switched off with a text.

Apple admits its software is letting it down
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Promises to pull its socks up

The fruity cargo cult Apple has admitted that the bugs that have been plaguing its software of late are due to a flaw in its software development process.

French outfit offers spyware to tell if your son is gay
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So, you can have him killed we guess

A French company is in hot water for offering "invisible PC spy software" which could be used "to find out if your son is gay".

Hungarian company arranges arrest of helpful teen
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Causes PR meltdown

Budapest's public transportation authority is suffering from the PR format of arranging for the arrest of an 18 year-old who found an obvious security hole in its website. 

Software outfits exaggerating AI claims
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Riding the hype cycle

Beancounters at analyst outfit Gartner claim that software companies are exploiting the current artificial intelligence craze by exaggerating the role of AI in their products.

Linux gets virtual GPU support
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Kernel approved

Open source’s Mr Sweary Linus Torvalds announced the general availability of the Linux 4.10 kernel series, which includes virtual GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) support.

Microsoft plans cloud-based cut-down flavour of Windows
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She sells, CSHELLS by the sea shore

Software king of the world Microsoft is planning a cut down version of Windows 10 which will operate in the cloud.

AMD readies Zen’s server software
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ROCm writes and compile parallel programs

AMD has released the latest version of its ROCm software tools which make it easier to write and compile parallel programs for its new Zen GPUs and CPUs.