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Uber loses key European battle
Published in Mobiles

It can be regulated

The US app-based taxi company Uber has lost a crucial court battle in Europe which could see it being regulated in all member states.

Uber accused of illegal antics
Published in News

Things getting worse for the taxi outfit

It is starting to look like my decision never to take an Uber cab because the outfit was "not that nice" was probably the right decision as the outfit faces fresh allegations of illegal activities.

Softbank offers Uber 30 percent less
Published in News

You are getting too problematic

Softbank is offering to purchase shares of Uber at a valuation of $48 billion – a 30 percent discount to its most recent valuation of $68.5 billion.

Uber experimental autonomous taxis pick up real people
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If you are loyal enough

Uber has started picking up passengers in its experimental autonomous vehicles in Pittsburgh.

Intel quietly launches Apollo Lake
Published in PC Hardware

2nd generation 14nm Celeron / Pentium

Apollo Lake is a second generation 14nm SoC for entry level tablets and computers and it serves the market that used to be known as Atom processors. Nowadays, Intel calls these CPUs Celeron and Pentium and the new generation was made available on Friday. 

Uber wants self-driving cars
Published in News

Does not have to pay the drivers

Controversial taxi outfit Uber is working on self-driving vehicle technologies for more than a year and it's finally shown off an autonomous car.

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