EU issues ultimatum to big tech
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Take down terrorist content or face the music

The EU has lost patience with big tech pussyfooting around on terrorist material and says that it is about to get heavy.

UK government uses AI to block jihadist content
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Rudd claims she can block Isis from the Internet

The UK government has unveiled a tool it says can accurately detect jihadist content and block it from being viewed and is thinking of forcing companies to use it.

Techies mock Teresa May’s internet terror policy
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It will make it harder to track terrorists

As we expected, Teresa May is attempting to use the latest terrorist attacks in the UK to clamp down on the use of the internet by non-terrorists. The only problem is that security experts are warning that her plans will make it harder to track terror cells.

Terrorists now using Government spying software
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Hack becomes a world nightmare

An Italian security outfit which makes spying packages for various world governments has admitted that its software is now in the hands of terrorists after a recent hack.


Al-Qaeda online magazine meets British Intelligence

Don't try to board a plane with one